HLTAID012 Provide Emergency First Aid in an Education and Care Setting

This course is tailored specifically for support staff and educators working within an education and care setting with young children. It covers all the common and life threatening aspects of First Aid someone might provide working with children. Including in assisting with asthma and anaphylactic emergencies. This certificate is attained by the next business day and is valid for 3 years from issue. It also covers HLTAID011 Provide First Aid if you need that as well. It is also nationally recognised.


Description: This course teaches the skills and knowledge required to provide a first aid response to infants, children and adults. Applies to educators and support staff working within an education and care setting who are required to respond to a first aid emergency, including asthmatic and anaphylactic emergencies.

This unit of competency has been approved by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) and meets the requirements of first aid, and asthma & anaphylaxis. The unit also includes CPR.

Learners Rights, Responsibilities and Support, including complaints

Please refer to the Student Handbook http://www.allenstraining.com.au/students/student-handbook.aspx

Cost: $130 per participant / Group pricing available

Refund and fee protection policy, including cooling off period – please refer to the student handbook

Payment terms – Payment for individual is upfront, group booking terms are based on agreement between client and service provider

Time:  1 hour (minimum) face-to-face training with 3 hours self paced learning. Or refresher training 1 hour (minimum) face-to-face training with some conditions such as providing a previous current certificate.
Or new online training course with 1 hour face-to-face assessment and a 4 hour self paced learning online.

Locations: Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets. Or LFG Kambah 66 primmer Court Kambah.

Award Issued

At the successful completion of this course participants will be issued with a statement of attainment valid for 3 years*. This unit contributes to the approved first aid, anaphylaxis and asthma training in registered Children’s Services Providers.

Certificate contains the units:

  • HLTAID009 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • HLTAID010 Provide Basic Emergency Life Support
  • HLTAID011 Provide First Aid
  • HLTAID012 Provide Emergency First Aid in an Education and Care Setting

*Please note that the CPR component of the training is only valid for 12 months and should be updated annually.


There are no prerequisite, entry, work-placement, licensing or certification requirements for this course.

Course durations can vary for multiple reasons, so the durations below are the minimum possible amount.

Refresher Face to Face contact time of at least 7 Hours
Blended Face to Face contact time of at least 7 Hours
Face-to-Face Face to Face contact time of at least 9 Hours
Online with face-to-face assessment Face to Face contact time of at least 1 Hour – PLEASE NOTE THIS IS THE METHOD WE USE.

Entry Requirements:

Participants must have the physical capacity to perform the practical demonstrations, such as 2 minutes of uninterrupted CPR on the floor and performing rescue breathing techniques on manikins.

Online study:  Students must have access to a computer, smartphone, tablet or other electronic devices with access to the internet to complete the online/ pre-course studies.

Assessment Requirements:

Individuals undertaking this course will be expected to complete both written and practical assessment tasks.

Certificate Renewal Requirements:

This certificate has an industry recommended renewal period of 36 months


Performance tasks and practical scenarios:

  • Perform CPR on an adult (incl. the use of an AED and placing a casualty into the recovery position)
  • Complete a first aid incident report form based on the simulated first aid scenario
  • Perform CPR on a child
  • Perform CPR on an infant
  • Manage a child casualty with anaphylaxis
  • Manage a child casualty with asthma
  • Manage a choking child and infant casualty
  • Manage a child casualty with non-life-threatening bleeding and shock, requiring minor wound cleaning
  • Manage a child casualty with a nosebleed
  • Manage a child casualty with a fracture and dislocation
  • Manage a child casualty with a sprain and strain
  • Manage a child casualty with envenomation (snake/ funnel-web spider bite)

Theory assessment: A written assessment consisting of multiple-choice questions.

Unique Student Idenitifier (USI)

Completing any vocational education course in Australia, it is a requirement for you to obtain and supply a USI. This is obtainable from usi.gov.au If a USI is not supplied and verified with usi.gov.au a certificate cannot be issued to you.