About Us

South Canberra First Aid Pty Ltd understands that every industry has different first aid course training necessities that are unique to their specific ecosystem. Our training is delivered by approved and professional trainers and assessors who appreciate the nature of work completed and can provide a personalised solution when it comes to the delivery of first aid courses and training. We will guarantee our course content is focused and applicable to your workplace.

Have you ever done a First Aid course where the trainer was constantly telling old war stories about the days when they use to be a paramedic? Or kept talking about the way they use to do things? Here at South Canberra First Aid your trainer will just cover realistic and necessary content for each subject, keeping personal stories brief and relevant. Our First Aid courses focus more on understanding what correct First Aid is in each scenario, why it’s the best course of action and then how to do it. Then putting those skills to practice by doing a practical scenario. By practicing it you will be more likely to remember it if you ever have to do it in real life.

Injury or illness could happen to anyone at any time. It could be a family member or a friend, or it could be a complete stranger. Initial First Aid can make a big difference in how much and how quickly a casualty recovers from their injury or illness. By completing a First Aid course and getting a First Aid certificate you will have the skills and knowledge to confidently provide First Aid for someone to help them recover from their illness or injury. Here at South Canberra First Aid we offer First Aid training and certificates at a very low price. It really is hard to find better value on First Aid training.

Your South Canberra First Aid Trainers


Marcel is a Canberra local. He grew up in Tuggeranong, travelled the world, and has now settled down back in Canberra with his young family. Marcel has a background as an Outdoor Guide and has lots of experience providing first aid in the wilderness. For the last 4+ years he has been training First Aid courses to students from all over Canberra and the surrounding regions. His courses provide a relaxed easy-going atmosphere and he is very engaging.


Ryan has an extensive teaching background so you can guarantee you won’t be bored with him at the front of the class. His expertise come from the Outdoor Education sector and his growing up on the coastal environment where surf life saving and beach days were prioritised. He has been training first aid courses in Canberra for 6 years and doesn’t plan on stopping always working on the art and learning new skills to teach South Canberra residents.